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Are you a Pirate? / Heerema Fabrication Group


A safe and accident free environment is for Heerema Fabrication a crucial objective. The employees not only have to be aware of this but also must bring this into practice every day. A campaign had to boost the safety awareness.


In the end working safely is all about influencing behaviour. IMAGE-IN devised and created the character of a pirate, a person that is characterised as risk seeking and rugged. The pirate acts as a stooge to bring the different safety subjects to attention. The literal split image of the pirate/worker offers the employee a mirror. And he or she is given the choice: do I want to be a pirate or a HFG employee to the bone?


In this campaign film functions as vehicle to present the different safety subjects. This intriguing medium is ideal to appeal to a diverse and international target audience and offers many possibilities to bring this theme to the attention. Such as with films, film posters, flyers, life-sized cut-outs, a website, social media, banners and give-aways. The special theme website offers not only all the available information, but also serves as a stage for the photo contest of employees. They can upload a photo of themselves with a life-size cut-out of the split pirate/worker.


The whole campaign has been rolled out in one year. On this moment it is too early to capture the result in figures, but it is clear that the campaign appeals to the target audience. The pirate has become a well-known concept and functions as an effective tool to discuss safety issues.