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Inalfa Roof Systems Group – The Next Level

Inalfa Roof Sytems branding concept design Inalfa Roof Sytems branding concept design

Inalfa Roof Systems Group

What we were asked for

How can we internally present the long-term strategy and objectives for 2020 in an attractive manner and motivate our staff for this?

Every organization has the aim to continue. Some satisfied with what they’ve achieved, others progressive in what the organization needs to be on the long term and the goals it wants to achieve.


Inalfa Roof Systems Group is one of the more progressive organizations and therefore ready for a next step: The Next Level. From an organization of professionals, to a professional organization. Ready to guarantee growth.


The General Management Meeting in early 2015 was the start of the internal campaign ‘The Next Level’. IMAGE-IN created the branding. We provided the concept and realization of all presentations and produced a catchy motivational film for the opening of this international event.


We made use of the organization slogan “It’s our spirit that makes the difference” and created a special campaign slogan that appeals to the individual:”It’s your spirit that makes the difference!” Ultimately, as we know, it is all about people work.  Without staff no organization will exist or survive. It is the staff which constitutes the organization in who she is and what she wants to be in the future.


Up to the Next Level!