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Rijkswaterstaat – Baltic Ace

Baltic Ace berging aankomst Baltic Ace berging voordek Baltic Ace berging takelen Baltic Ace berging tak lift Baltic Ace berging poliegrijper Baltic Ace berging controle


What we were asked for

Develop a professional 3D-Animation to visualize the salvage operation of the Baltic Ace.

The seabed has many countless treasures. The car carrier Baltic Ace does not belong to that treasure selection. On December the 5th, 2012 this ship sank after a collision. The wreck lies at a depth of about 35 meters, at a distance of about 65 kilometers from the Dutch coast and in the middle of one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.


The 148-meter long wreck is severely disrupting the passage. On top of that the cargo poses a risk to the environment. For this reason, Rijkswaterstaat, as part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, will remove the wreck.


How Rijkswaterstaat tackles the salvage of the Baltic Ace? We brought it to life even before the operation started.