Social media

Soccercontrol / EyeFinder


Also in the amateur football there is a need for efficient communication. Eyefinder has developed an Internet application that allows to communicate simple, cheap and professionall. IMAGE-IN got the task to communicate this to the target market.


Based on research among 5,000 amateur clubs in the Netherlands, the profile of the target group was determined. This information was also used to develop the brand and communication that appeals to the target audience. The entire campaign was rolled out digitally over the internet.


The brand name Soccer Control, including the brand promise of "Grip on every moment" and the striking brand identity, formed the kickoff. Through a series of newsletters and social media posts with appealing short films the target audience was invited to visit the Soccer Control website. There they could find detailed information, including a demo account and tutorials.


A new brand was born. The response to the campaign launch was high and the audience clearly got the message.